"At the age of 57, I took my very first guitar lesson with Eric. He immediately put me at ease with his relaxed approach to learning, and was able to help me with any barriers I met with along the way. Now, after a year and a half, I have the confidence and knowledge that I know will help me realize my dream of playing the guitar. It's thanks to Eric that I have accomplished as much as I have. He is truly a born teacher and a born musician"

~Jack W.

"Eric has been a fabulous teacher for our 13 year old son. Not only has he taught him to play lots of Beatles songs, but he has also taught him the classical versions. Eric respects our son's musical tastes and teaches him the music he wants to learn as well. He continues to teach him all aspects of musical notation and provides him with regular challenges. I love that Perrin comes home and can play my songs from the 60's and 70's. We have regular sing-a-longs thanks to Eric. We are grateful not only for his teaching, but for his friendship. Perrin and Eric have become good friends. We have too."

~Laurie G.

Perrin's mother



"Eric is a great guitar teacher. He is patient, interesting and teaches me a lot. He encourages me to play the music that I like. I receive a fun lesson every week. Eric has become more than my teacher, he is my friend. "

~Perrin W., 14 years old



"I never played any music before I met Eric.  He made the intimidating prospect of learning how to play the guitar fun and easy.  I would recommend him to any of my friends."

 ~Caleb E.



"I've never played an instrument in my 47 years, but Eric has made me feel musical.  His hip and fun approach to learning, and constant support, has me looking more forward to each lesson.  It has been a real pleasure in every sense."

 ~Frank C.



"With his patience and enthusiasm, Eric has made learning to play the guitar a blast. I look forward to my lesson every week, and would recommend him to anyone wanting to learn how to play!"

 ~Ray A.



I must admit I've hesitated in writing something for this website. I wondered if I’d be able to express exactly what  makes Eric such a kind and patient instructor, a gifted musician, and an encouraging force behind my continued desire to learn music. Maybe it’s the way he puts me at ease on those days I can’t play anything right. Or how he truly, genuinely cheers me on when I can. Or how he can demystify complex music theory and playing techniques, making them approachable, interesting, and fun.

Honestly, though, I think it’s the simple fact that I leave each week’s lesson feeling like I really, really lucked out to have found someone like Eric. I hope one of these days you might have a chance to learn with him, too.

 ~Kevin L.



I absolutely love my music lessons with Eric!  I always  leave feeling energized, inspired, and motivated to play.  I've been taking guitar lessons with Eric for over a year and have just recently decided to pick up piano lessons, too! I always feel that my lessons are specificly catered to me.  Eric has a really good way of making lessons fun by focusing on your strengths and learning style and challenging you by adding a new 'variation/twist' to add to your repertoire.   I love that I can bring in any cd and in no time, we're 'jamming' along with it.  Sometimes I feel that this is  the closest I'll ever get to living out my childhood dream of becoming a rockstar! =)

~Caroline T.



Eric is the best piano instructor I have had.  I come from classical background trying to move into jazz arrangement, and Eric understands exactly what I want to do and guides lessons towards acheiving my goal.  I can email or call him with any questions throughout the week, and he is very flexible in meeting students' needs and schedules.  One of the best things about Eric is that he can teach how to be musically creative, which is very important if I want to do my own arrangements.  I am thoroughtly enjoying my lessons with Eric!

~Jennie P.


As Artistic Director of a Children's Theatre I have worked with many music teachers and educators -Eric Pytryga is one of the finest teachers I have ever worked with - he individualizes every lesson to the skill and interest level of each student, he is flexible and creative during the sessions and he inspires each child to love music and learn to play.  He strikes  that great combination of being challenging and fun.  Two of my children now take lessons with Eric - and they both always want to go each week.

~Elizabeth M., Mom of Kyle, Max, Emma and Elliot


My son Mori has been taking lessons with Eric for 3 years.  Mori has become a great guitar player.  Eric has been supportive, fun, cool, inspiring and a complete joy to work with. Lots of things have come on gone for Mori the past 3 years.  But he consistently wants to take his guitar lessons with Eric.

Long Live Eric!

~Jonathan W.


Eric has been a great guitar and piano teacher for our 10 year old son and 8 year old daughter! He really makes learning fun, and is great at relating to kids. So many of our kids' friends take classes from Eric, and they all like him too. Our kids want to go to their lessons and they want to practice because Eric has made music so joyful for them. Eric is quite talented and has a studio that is so cool that in itself it is enough to interest kids in music. He manages to teach technique without being too formal. He slips in a little ear training in a way that is actually fun. He does improvisation and plays along with the kids really helping them feel like they are creating their own music. Sometimes, I sit in the waiting room, and it sounds like there is a great concert going on in Eric's studio during a lesson! It is quite enjoyable for me as a listener! Eric lets the kids choose the songs that they want to learn, but he also suggests age appropriate songs that will increase their skills. I love the fact that he teaches the oldies, like the Beatles, Kiss, and Elton John, while also teaching songs from new bands that I have not even heard of. Eric is always on time, very consistent, reliable, and really takes teaching music very seriously, yet he is never heavy handed. He is extremely fun and light hearted and has taken the time to get to know the kids and has even come to a couple of our family members' musical performances at other locations. We look forward to all the years ahead with Eric teaching our kids, and to our kids becoming more talented and more confident musicians. On top of it all, Eric is a good friend and member of our community!

~Noah O., father of Jonah & Maya O.